15 May 2018: Richard visiting Chi and Diana in Panama. Dissecting butterfly testes and planning a trip down to the Darien.

May 2018: Richard visiting Alex and Marilia in Le Vega, Colombia where they are working on the genetics of mate preference and sexual conflict in the hybrid species, Heliconius huerippa in collaboration with Carolina Pardo Diaz, Camilo Salazar and Maricio Linares (from the University of Rosario).

April 2018: Chi has a paper published in Science (which he kept very quiet!)based on work from his previous position at Duke. Congrats!

March 2018: MS “Genetic dissection of assortative mating behaviour” posted on bioRxiv and submitted for review. The culmination of about 10 years of work with Chris Jiggins – now to see what reviewers say :/

February 2018: Chi, Matteo and Richard visit Tarapoto, Peru to collect Heliconius timereta (which turn out not to be the easiest butterflies to find). We were  hosted by Mathieu Chouteu who showed us around his impressive butterfly and frog set-up. It was a great trip, if a bit sparse on butterflies.

23rd August 2017: Off to give a talk on Heliconius mate preference genetics in Köln, one of my favourite cities in Germany. Also just heard that our new postdoc Chi-Yun Kuo will be arriving in Munich in September, soon to be followed by new PhD student Matteo Rossi

4th August 2017: Review paper on The Biology of Color published in ScienceThis is the product of a great meeting  in Berlin last year focussed on animal colouration, and organised by Tim Caro, Devi Stewart-West and Cassie Stoddard .

26th June 2017: Excited to be giving a talk in Innsbruck. Exceptionally beautiful setting …

14th June 2017: John Davey’s fantastic paper on (the lack of) inversions between H. cydno  and H. melpomene published in Evolution Letters.

8th June 2017: Claire Mèrot’s paper on different levels of reproductive isolation in Heliconius is finally published and available here.

30th May 2017: We are looking to fill a funded PhD position on behavioural isolation in Heliconius butterflies. Details can be found here, and the deadline for applications is 20th June 2017.  Please direct questions to merrill ‘at’

29th May 2017: New postdoc joining the lab! Very excited that we will be joined by Chi-Yun Kuo , who will be starting this summer.

1st April 2017: Deadline on Friday 21st April! Funding is available for a postdoc position to work on preference behaviours and speciation in Heliconius butterflies. More details can be here. (Applications should be sent to this address.) (Position now filled)

March 2017: In Berlin … on the way to LMU: I am currently in Berlin, attempting to learn German, before starting at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich in April. I will soon be advertising funded postdoc and PhD positions here, but please feel free to contact me informally if you are interested in working on behavioural genetics in Heliconius butterflies.